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The Kinniebrew Group has provided Black History programs for students and adults for over 15 years.  Whether it’s a small room setting with 1st graders, an auditorium with high schoolers, or a lecture for a college audience, we can do it all.  Why call The Kinniebrew Group:

1.      We come to you.

2.      Great value

3.      Fun and educational

4.      You can name the topic

5.      We get the students involved


 Here are a few of our programs that last up to 60 minutes:

1.      What the History Book Forgot: Contributions and Achievements of People of African Ancestry to World Civilization

2.      Bearing a Heavy Load: The Contributions and Achievements of Black Women throughout History

3.      Rock My Soul: The Evolution of Black Music in America

4.      Paid in Full: The History of Black Economic Empowerment

5.      Helping Your Child Make the Grade

6.      Defusing Stereotypes: Live, Learn, and Work Better

7.      Civil Rights, Civil Wrongs: Rethinking Dr. King and the Movement

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