Royce Kinniebrew is the best-selling author of Graduate: Moving from Failure in the Hood, to Success, Commencement, and Beyond and also a contributor for a children’s book written by Michael Burgan titled African-Americans.

Mr. Kinniebrew has lectured throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK, China, and Brazil.  He was a guest lecturer at the Beijing Normal University where he lectured on the African-American resistance tradition before the 2008 Summer Olympics.

While earning his B.A. in English Literature and African-American World Studies at the University of Iowa, Mr. Kinniebrew worked as a student recruiter for perspective underrepresented and minority applicants, as a lead singer for the University’s gospel choir, and was elected Black Student Union president.

After graduation, Mr. Kinniebrew worked as a museum teacher at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History.  He was entrusted with research for new exhibitions, creating a curriculum for student visitors, and performing V.I.P tours of the galleries.  He was honored to provide a tour for the then Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm.

Mr. Kinniebrew earned his Master’s Degree in Education through The Griot program at Marygrove College.  The mission of this initiative was to increase the number of African-American men in the profession of teaching.  He was privileged to be the keynote speaker at the ceremony where he received his teaching certification.

In 2001, Mr. Kinniebrew started an educational consulting firm, The Kinniebrew Group.  Its mission is to introduce to the public and private sector, as well as to individuals, the past and present contributions and achievements of Black people throughout the world.

Currently, the Kinniebrew Group provides educational services, such as a Black history curriculum, professional development for teachers, and programs that train parents to help their children excel in the classroom.  Also, The Kinniebrew Group works with colleges and universities to help their students achieve success inside and outside of the classroom.  Additionally, The Kinniebrew Group provides diversity and inclusion keynote lectures, workshops, and trainings to government agencies.

Some of The Kinniebrew Group’s previous clients include: The Department of Justice, DEA, The Department of Agriculture, ATF, The Department of the Army, NASA, The University of Iowa, and Penn State University.

Mr. Kinniebrew’s hobbies include coaching track and field, teaching Sunday school, and singing.  Mr. Kinniebrew has sung with New Kids on the Block at a concert.