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Mr. Royce Kinniebrew with whom I had the pleasure of meeting as an instructor at this year’s 39th Annual Blacks In Government Training Institute. I attended Mr. Kinniebrew’s class on “Defusing Stereotypes: Live, Learn, and Work Better” and while I felt I knew some aspects about what and how stereotypes work I found myself fully engaged by his class in a great way.


Mr. Kinniebrew’s style of presentation was very eye opening and the information he provided was very thought provoking. Another way I would describe Mr. Kinniebrew’s speaking abilities is very innovative, in the sense that even if you’ve seen or heard of this information prior to his presentation in the manner in which he communicates the message is different from others. The key take away that I really go from his class is an enamored sense of the rich history of my culture and how this history still affects how stereotypes are prevalent and played out in today’s world.

I would and have recommended Mr. Kinniebrew for speaking engagements I feel he has a strategic speaking ability the would ignite and invoke a positive learning experience for his audience.

Ms. Domonique R. Chatman

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